Smart speech recognition and dialogue system

Why should you use a smart voice system?

The reason why many companies use VoIP smart voice recognition to communicate directly with their customers is because it has absolute advantages and can help achieve business goals.

High applicability

It can be shared by multiple people, and all walks of life can use VoIP to make long and short distance calls, and it can even easily track call records.

High efficiency

The interconnection of international channels, mature docking technology and multi-national voice channels ensure fast and accurate delivery.

High mobility

As long as a device can download Internet phones (soft phones, or even landline phones with Internet functions), it can use the call function through the SIP protocol.

Why should you use

AboTALK international smart voice platform?

One-stop platform

It provides stable and rich business support, including multiple dial-out types, online stored value, customer information and intention records, and call statistics data monitoring.

Diversified application

The docking of platform application or SMS API is very convenient, once you open an account, you can use it immediately.

All-round technical support

100% self-developed with high quality standard
One-stop business assistance provided by dedicated experts

Data presented in real-time

Monitor the quality of service and statistics
Intuitive interface

Information safety guaranteed

The encrypted data is storedin the high-defense cloud server
comprehensive mechanism against identity theft


Equipped with multiple high-specification servers for application load balancing
Operates 24/7

Tremendous resources

Centralized resources of various operators around the globe
Support more than 100 international regions

Call types

Efficient and smart voice AI

AboTALK provides Ai voice features with group-calling to numerous phone number and auto-distribution the valued conversation to take over by manpower, ensured the potential revenue no missed out and serving important customers first. While improving marketing efficiency, AI can recognize the user intentions and record the conversation. However, the AI focus on "simulating real-person conversations" and "analysis of customers" to help companies decrease of HR costs and accelerate business development.
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Scenarios and verbal tricks under control

An open AI platform is provided, where customers can set the business flow, verbal tricks according to the own needs. It’s easy to use and customers can easily use it after simple training.

Customed conversation scenario

Different with traditional model (Based on Keyword only), AboTALK can create a chat bot from the “Flow design tool” in visualization UI.

Whole-process management platform

Based on the actual operation needs of enterprises and the scenario of outbound calling, we provide whole-process management from task management, real-time customer service monitoring to the output and analysis of statements, so as to provide our customers with an outbound calling platform emphasizing practicality.

A smart out-bound calling quality inspection helps realize human-machine synergy

With a combination of 100% machine quality inspection + human review, and based on the NLU quality inspection model, it’s more accurate than traditional keyword models and covers wider scenarios, thus making outbound calling more under control.

Standard call function

Group-call system

Group call (telephone voice mass call services) is an online operation service platform suitable for enterprises. Through the network interactive service, the voice group-call system can call potential target users. Import the phone number data into the system that will automatically call it all.
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It improves the marketing or work efficiency of enterprises
It facilitates management to manage the working quality of sales and customer service
It realizes call-switch function and thus helping enterprises reducing HR costs
It’s easy to use, only requiring the installation of a calling software at the client and login to Abotalk
It can be flexibly set to allocate group-call tasks at different periods of time for online customer service staff of various groups

Manual outbound call

Through Abotalk, you just need to log in to the network phone software (as known as “softphone”), thus helping to respond to emergencies with ease and facilitating the collection of users’ opinions.

Manual outbound call

The broadcast audio function suits the notification needs of various industries. Realizes stable output without customer service, thus reducing HR expenses and lowering the costs of enterprises.

Application scenarios of smart voice



Collection urging of bills, water and electricity bills, insurance payment, repayment urging after loans, etc.


outbound calling

Bill installment, service subscription, product introduction, etc.



Policy notification, reminder of service subscription, interview notice, event invitations, etc.


return-visit calls

Survey of customer satisfaction, product survey, user consulting, course survey, etc.
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