Why should you use the Global Messaging Platform?
Elevate your customer interactions with global messaging platform.
Multiple messaging channels into one single platform.

Bulk SMS

With AboSEND, you can send bulk SMS to reach consumers worldwide.

Virtual Phone Number

Receive text messages globally through a single connection.

WhatsApp Business

Using multiple WhatsApp accounts using a single platform,reach customers on WhatsApp with AboSend.
Global volume of SMS sending:
15.2million messages per minute on average
90% of marketing messages are
read within 90 seconds
75% of people prefer to receive promotional notifications viaSMS

Application scenarios of the international SMS platform


SMS verification code

It's widely applied in account registration in Apps or websites, verification codes sent to mobile phones, safety verification in password recovery, payment verification, identity verification, etc.

System notification

Notice your client about system upgrades or maintenance, service subscribing, account login, order confirmation, logistics information updates, consumption confirmation, payment notification, etc.

Marketing SMS and event promotion

It's mainly used in operation or marketing messages scenarios such as birthday blessing, festival greeting, event invitation, launching of new products, product promotion, discount information and rebating.
The world is just a click away

Why should you use

AboSEND Global Messaging Platform?

    One-stop platform

  • Online recharge
  • Send message
  • Monitor the statistics

    Simple application

  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Developer-friendly API

    All-round technical support

  • 100% self-developed with high quality standard
  • One-stop business assistance provided by dedicated experts.

    Data presented in real-time

  • Analyze your clients and identify their needs in no time
  • A 9-figure system throughput

    Information safety guaranteed

  • Authenticator is required to log in to the platform
  • A comprehensive mechanism against identity theft


  • Cooperation with top IDCs and international telecommunication providers
  • Operates 24/7